Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT - Medical Technology Solutions

Your patients depend on you as their healthcare provider. Your IT shouldn't get in the way. Attend IT Limited can help improve your practice with personalised technology services.

At Attend IT Limited, we have a thorough understanding of the strict privacy policies and mandated technology guidelines required for health practices to successfully move into the digital age.

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Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Record Solutions | EMR/EHR

Health maintenance organisations have begun to institute Electronic Medical/Health Records that give providers an interface to store, organise, and maintain patient records.

Doctors are like any other business owners; they need their technology working properly in order to run an efficient business. At Attend IT Limited, we deal in efficiency. We are proud to provide enterprise-level technology solutions and support for small and midsized practices in the Brentford and West London area. Part of the benefit your health care practice will see by partnering with us is that we offer an emergency medical/health records solutions that is sure to streamline your patients' sensitive information. 

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Scales of Justice

Legal Technology Solutions

The legal profession has always relied heavily on the newest technologies. Attend IT Limited can provide your practice with dynamic options that can save you money.

It's a fact that lawyers are at the centre of many important decisions. As with many other economic sectors nowadays, technology is becoming integral for the modern law office. Whether you are a lawyer who is just starting out or you are an experienced lawyner who is part of a multinational firm that deals in a sea of litigation, chances are you will need to consider how advances in technology will work for your practice.

For a law office, it is often not cost effective to hire a dedicated IT staff, or even an IT guy. Most law offices rely on break-fix technology companies that not only profit off your pain, they don't present the kind of value that is necessary to maintain all the newest, and most useful technology. At Attend IT Limited, we do IT differently. We provide solutions for Brentford and West London businesses for a flat monthly rate, all the while offering the newest and most reliable technologies that work for business.

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Free IT Whitepaper

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This whitepaper will evaluate the differences between traditional technical support practices and modern managed IT practices and the pros and cons of both in regards to small and medium-sized businesses.

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